Development of China’s Airport Cities Impresses the World

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BEIJING, May 16, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — The 2012 Airport Cities World Conference and Exhibition (ACE2012) was recently held in Denver, Colorado, USA. At the 3-day event, more than 100 representatives from over 30 countries and delegates from the operation and management departments of the top 20 airports and airport cities worldwide gave speeches on and participated in in-depth discussions on the airport industry, with a special emphasis on the development of airport cities and other hot topics of the day.

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A key focus of the forum, which garnered a lot of attention, was the rapid development of China‘s airport cities.

Great Ocean Group led the focus with a speech on the topic entitled “Opportunities and Challenges of Airport Cities in China“, providing an overview covering the current situation, the four key drivers driving development, the challenges and the success factors. The representative from Great Ocean Group said that the event provided an opportunity for domestic developers and operators of airport cities to strengthen their communications and cooperation with their counterparts around the world, facilitating China‘s further development of the industry.

Established in 1996, Great Ocean Group is an integrated service provider for the whole industry chain of airport cities and a pioneer of the concept and practice. The Beijing Airport City project, developed by the Group, is the first of its kind in China and one of the largest and most successful airport cities projects in the world. With the successful development of the project, Great Ocean introduced the concept of airport cities to China. As the organizer of the original Airport Cities World Conference and Exhibition, which took place in 2010, the Group was also the first to bring this kind of international meeting to the Chinese mainland. The Group is currently in the process of promoting the airport cities concept to key airport hubs across China, as the existing airport economy can serve as the driver for the rapid development of the cities. In addition, the Group is dedicated to diversified investment with core businesses in airport cities development, commercial and residential real estate development as well as financial investment, among others. With headquarters in Beijing, Great Ocean has an extensive international network.

SOURCE Great Ocean Group

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PR Newswire: General Business

Business Q&A: i wanna be a party leader and save the country but i hate the people help please?

Self Help

self help question by : i wanna be a party leader and save the country but i hate the people help please?
well the people are disqusting i dont wanna help them on a level but the same time i dont wanna anyone like my self to suffer in the country.

help me how should i think and act. so i dont get disqusted. and have better view point.

self help best answer:

Answer by GANG
Follow Obama around for a week and you will have it memorized.

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Boost Your Website Ranking With Simple Article Advertising Techniques

All types of business are getting a lot of benefits from article submission. Even offline businesses are beginning to recognize the marketing power of publishing online articles. If you would like to to increase your business, but do not understand how to market through articles, use these tips and begin your quest for knowledge.

Focus on content in your marketing emails. Sending out junk emails will only give you a bad name and these days they are actually unlawful. Include information that your customers actually need so that they are pleased to get your emails. If you fail to do this, you will lose subscribers and, therefore, lose potential customers.

Make the first paragraph the best one. Search engines as well as readers think an article’s initial paragraph is critical. Putting forth quality information in your lead paragraph will capture attention. Be interesting, but don’t be afraid to tease your readers a bit so that they keep reading. You want people to read the whole thing.

Be sure to have new and useful information in any email that you send out. People will ignore emails that look like spam so make sure the emails will be something that they will actually want to read. If you spam people, you will lose customers.

TIP! Promote your leadership by staring a blog to go along with your online business. Let your personality shine through on your blog by posting thoughtful, humorous articles that show your readers a softer side of you.

Including a strong, attention-grabbing opening in each article is essential. There are many factors, so the writer must choose the best ways, based on the content of the articles.

Do not write on topics you do not find interesting. While you may think you have your writing voice trained, it’s hard to hide what you’re really thinking completely. If a subject bores you, this feeling will seep into your article and turn off readers. Write about things you’re passionate about, and that passion will be obvious in your writing.

Be sure to keep it original. Staying innovative and unique gives you the most marketing power. It is easy to filter out duplicated content. Keep your content original.

Post all of your articles on your site so that you can benefit from the results of keyword searches for articles you have written. This helps gives you more traffic and better search rankings. Regularly posting fresh content and articles to your site will give you an edge on search results pages.

TIP! Do not give in to a compulsion to shower indexes with just one single article. There are many article indexes that can be used for article marketing.

Watch your article length, keep it to no more than 500 words, and start with an engaging first paragraph. People have limited focus, so reel them in at the very beginning. You can elaborate later in the article; just make sure that the first couple of lines makes them want to continue reading.

Write articles that will help people deal with their issues. If you help someone with a problem, then they are more likely to seek you out in the future.

Individual paragraphs should be between three and five sentences, while the entire article should weigh in at between 500 and 700 words. Most article directories follow these criteria. Blog entries are usually somewhat shorter, closer to 300 or 400 words.

Try to incorporate more profound parts of who you are in your article. Reveal a little of yourself and speak in your true voice to produce unique writing that will capture and hold your reader’s attention. Write your articles as if they were letters to a friend. Readers will identify with you and should come back to your site as a result.

TIP! Figure out the rules of the article directory you are working with. Different kinds of directories employ different submission guidelines.

Great products will make your job as an article marketer easier. When the product sells itself, you just have to write the article and let it earn you profits.

You should quickly see how beneficial this type of Internet marketing can be. A good article submission campaign not only increases your audience, it also reasserts the overall integrity of your brand. Start your article promotion journey by reading the information included here.

Tips And Ideas To Help Make Your Article Submission Successful

When things don’t go well with a article advertising campaign, who is to blame? You should be ready do deal with any problems that come up. If not, this article should provide you with assistance.

Free short reports could be used as an incentive for newsletter sign-ups. You can write the article or hire someone, and it should try and persuade the reader to want more information. The report must be relevant and focused on your specific niche.

Always do the necessary research when deciding what type of advertising your readers will likely enjoy. Post new articles on a frequent basis. It takes time to learn what will work best, but it will be worth it later.

Start a controversy if you are hitting a wall with your content. Pick a known brand or person and get some arguments started. As a result of creating controversy, you’ll automatically get some links to your blog as people discuss your opinions. If your articles are also of high-quality, your traffic problem will be resolved.

TIP! Create articles that are relevant and informative. If you consistently write informative articles, your reputation within your niche will improve.

Get away from stiff AP style regulations and rules when you write for SEO. You can create better content this way. Use AP rules to write quality content your readers can follow, but do not let them keep you from adopting efficient SEO strategies.

You will have articles all over the Internet after doing article advertising for a period of time. Create an eBook that contains your best articles and sell it or use it as a free promotion to your customers. If your eBook is good, it will get shared generously, and that will mean more business for you!

With article promotion it is important to submit your articles to both article directories and blogging networks. A well-written blog is the perfect way to establish yourself as an expert, which will help to boost your site traffic. Include the address of your website in every article you submit and people who enjoy your article will check out your site.

Post on your website all your articles so you can take advantage of the keyword searches results for articles that you have previously written. This can be a benefit to SEO. The search engines love fresh content that is posted with regularity.

TIP! Avoid posting the same article in a huge number of different places. As part of the article marketing strategy, there are numerous article indexes that can be capitalized on.

One way to increase sales derived from article marketing is to keep one keyword your main focus throughout the article. Keywords should be placed throughout the site, including titles, headings, and even the URL. You can repeat this keyword several times in the article itself, after using it in the headings. This makes it easy for your article to be found when a person is searching for it, and that should result in more website traffic and sales.

In conclusion, you already know you have to implement your own article syndication plan. While a good start is important, you also have to be open to making changes as the industry evolves. By taking the tips provided here, you will be in good shape to begin.

Take A Look At These Helpful Article Promotion Tips

It’s not a secret that more content out there is a smart part of article advertising. Step two is ensuring people actually read what you’ve written and trust the content. Your popularity will help encourage people to keep coming back. This is why it’s important to learn all you can about article advertising, so follow along.

In promoting articles, utlize social media to help you. You can post about your article or even post an excerpt in order to gain extra attention. This will generate interest in what you’ve written.

Focus your marketing on products that cost a little more money instead of cheap things. It is often held in marketing that a cheap product brings in less profit than expensive products. Although you might have to wait a bit for your sales to pick up, engaging in good marketing should fix this. It really isn’t much harder to promote a $500 product than it is a $50 product.

A vital component of good Internet marketing is the proper completion of the title tag associated with your website. It is of the utmost importance that you have keywords that directly relate to your content in the title tag. It is necessary to describe this page using title tags that is unique from other sites.

TIP! When it comes to article marketing, quality is better than quantity. Visitors will want things to read that are rich in content and are informative.

If you want to have a life AND work in article submission, you need to take advantage of automation. There are many different programs that can help you. Compare what all the software programs do, and then figure out just how much you’ll save in terms of time. Last, be sure the cost makes it worth your while.

If one can find an exception product that will attract a large customer base, it can make one’s job easier when article advertising. Having products that already has customers can help attract customers to your article.

Improve your writing by reading more. Good readers also tend to be good writers because they know how to create a good flow. Reading constantly will help with your writing skills. This will occur regardless of what type of material you are reading.

If you outsource, proofread, proofread and proofread again! Outsourced articles are not always very good quality, and you need to make sure they are not riddled with a ton of errors. Do not post any article without proofreading. Never plagiarize, of course, and double and triple check your work.

TIP! If you let readers post comments, make sure you use a “no follow” attribute for the comments. When a user posts spam on your site, web crawlers get alerted not to follow that link.

Your content will have a higher chance of being read when it is unique and contains important information. If you want to make money online, you have to make sure there are no mistakes in your articles and that you market them correctly. Unique content is essential to the progress of online success.

Tips On The Most Important Attributes Of Article Submission Success

Look at magazines to see how to begin article advertising. The following article contains information that can help your articles be accepted by directories and generate content that readers will enjoy.

When writing an article to promote your site, you need to ensure that the content is entertaining to a reader. Keep your writing informal and friendly. Even if the material you are discussing is complex, try to use everyday terms that everyone will understand. Do not provide boring content that will drive readers away.

Shorten your paragraphs. There’s some science that suggests that readers are more distracted when reading content on a screen compared to printed media. This means you will need to make each paragraph short, to the point and informative, if you wish to catch the reader’s interest.

As a reward for newsletter sign-ups, offer a short report at no charge. This report will entice prospective customers to join your e-mail list, and you can hire someone to write it or write it yourself. Be sure you create a report on something that has something to do with what you’re trying to sell.

TIP! What do customers want to learn about? Make sure your website is attractive and easy to navigate if you want to attract readers. It takes time to learn what will work best, but it will be worth it later.

Writing can be very intricately detailed. Technical products should include technical writing. You also want to include a more detailed explanation so that readers who do not have an in-depth knowledge of the product will not be lost and confused. If you create content that makes sense to everyone who visits your website, you will find that you build trust, and your reputation will be excellent.

Write in your own unique voice. When you do not fear puttng your personality into your writing, your authenticity will shine through and engage the reader. You should write in a direct and to the point manner, and your readership will respond.

Pick topics for your articles that you find interesting. Though it is possible to train yourself to write what is necessary, indifference can bleed through. Boredom is one thing you just can’t hide in your writing, nor something that the reader is not keenly aware of. To succeed at article promotion, you need to write about subjects that you are passionate about.

Create your own logo! You don’t have to be a big company to have a logo. The logo will show people who you are when they read, and this builds trust in your content. Giving your readers a visual will help you to be successful in the end.

TIP! If you are having some writers block with new content, try to stir up some controversy. Write opinionated pieces about celebrities or popular brands to generate interest and conversation.

Even though articles for marketing have certain word requirements, the first draft isn’t the best time to think about that. You’ll get a sense for how long each article should be as you write. It is possible to trim the article during editing, and you may even find two articles can come from one.

Some marketers argue that the title of the article is equally important or even more important than the article itself. If you’ve got a weak title, people will be less likely to read your article. It should be pertinent to your topic, as well as friendly and catchy. The title should give the reader a quick idea of what the article is about.

Fill your article with relevant information, as much as possible. People are looking at your piece because they want to learn something. Include as much factual information as you can. You want your readers to feel as though the time spent reading your article was a benefit to them.

Improve your visibility by using some quality tools. Many tools allow you to submit an article to directories by the hundreds. While some do have a small cost, others are free. You will gain a lot of readers thanks to these free tools and services.

TIP! You need to have a large audience to find success in article marketing. This does not mean that your content should only have a general focus.

To make reading your articles more fun for others, pretend to be having a conversation with a close friend. This will help to create a welcoming atmosphere and prevent bland writing tone. Do this by adding a tone that is informal, and do it in a conversational way.

As this article showed you, you have to make articles suitable for the audience. The requirements of the magazine are very important. If you don’t inspire your readers, then you won’t inspire new sales. If your creativity closely matches the magazine’s interests, then you are more likely to have an editor send an acceptance letter to you. How satisfying would it be to have your article in the magazines?

AllianceBernstein announces new leadership roles in its alternatives business

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My news for Investors

Michael Gaviser Appointed Head of Alternatives Sales and Client Service

NEW YORK, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — AllianceBernstein L.P. (AllianceBernstein) announced today new leadership roles intended to support the continued growth and expansion of its alternative business. The firm appointed Christopher Bricker, Senior Vice President, as Head of Alternatives Business Strategy, and Michael Gaviser, Senior Vice President, as Head of Alternatives Sales and Client Service.

Bricker, a 20-year AllianceBernstein veteran, will assume overall responsibility for the success and profitability of the firm’s $ 13 billion alternatives platform, which includes multi-manager strategies, proprietary hedge funds and closed-end drawdown funds. Bricker will drive the business strategy, expand the firm’s suite of alternatives offerings, and lead the development of the supporting infrastructure, coordinating with various groups across the firm. He will retain his duties as the firm’s Head of Product Development, where his team has introduced more than 100 new offerings since 2009 that have together attracted more than $ 40 billion in net new assets.

In his new role, Bricker will work closely with Michael Gaviser, who has been appointed the sole Head of Alternatives Sales and Client Service. Gaviser will lead the firm’s client-facing efforts, which includes expanding and developing the team of dedicated alternatives advisors. Gaviser, who also represents AllianceBernstein’s alternatives business within the investment community, will partner with Bricker in furthering the firm’s alternatives strategy.

Gaviser has been with AllianceBernstein for 14 years, and most recently served as Co-Head of Alternatives Sales and Client Service with John Akkerman, who has left the firm to pursue another opportunity. Both Bricker and Gaviser report to Robert Keith, Head of AllianceBernstein’s Global Client Group.

“Our alternatives business is a key priority for our firm and with the new leadership roles that Chris and Mike will assume we are confident we can continue to expand our capabilities,” said Keith. “Chris has clearly demonstrated an unparalleled ability to successfully identify and launch new products that meet clients’ needs and we look forward to the innovation he’ll bring to fueling the growth of our alternatives business. Mike, who has been integral to the growth of our alternatives business from day one, understands it better than anyone and is ideally suited to lead this next stage of growth.” 

About AllianceBernstein

AllianceBernstein is a leading global investment management firm that offers high-quality research and diversified investment services to institutional investors, individuals and private clients in major world markets.

At March 31, 2012, AllianceBernstein Holding L.P. (NYSE: AB) owned approximately 37.9% of the issued and outstanding AllianceBernstein Units and AXA, one of the largest global financial services organizations, owned an approximate 63.5% economic interest in AllianceBernstein.

Additional information about AllianceBernstein may be found on our internet site

SOURCE AllianceBernstein L.P.

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Article Marketing Tips To Wow Them With Words

Article submission is a top tool for businesses looking to promote the products they sell. It is simple and fairly cheap to do. To properly use article marketing, keep these tips in mind.

Give freebies. Customers will order from you again if they know they can count on you to give them free samples. Promotional items that feature your brand name and logo can actually help to boost exposure without costing a single dime. Choose proper products, and you can be quite successful.

Don’t be so formal! Think SEO before AP style. You will be able to add more references that can make use of SEO in your writing. You still need to follow some of the AP rules to have content that flows, but lessen the restrictions and you will have better search engine results.

Keep your website fresh by posting new content on a consistent basis. Many major search engines deploy search-engine spiders more frequently to websites that are deemed relevant and current. When you continually post fresh articles, search engines can index your website much more frequently and this may lead to faster conversions of customers.

TIP! Create articles that are relevant and informative. Readers will trust and respect you more if your articles demonstrate a mastery of your field.

Your first paragraph must be the best one. Both search engines and readers put the most import on first paragraphs. Place the important information in it to garner their attention. Do not offer too much too soon. To ensure they keep reading, they have to want to find out more.

Don’t overdo it on the keywords. Using more than five keywords throughout each of your articles will only result in your article being turned away. Stay with less than five times to make sure that you do not overdo it, and your readers will be much more happy.

Always use social media to your advantage. Sites like Twitter and Facebook can be used to gain new readership. Posting updates when you publish fresh content could grab a few readers’ attention. Encourage readers to share your articles with their friends.

Inject a bit of yourself into each article you write. Reveal a little of yourself and speak in your true voice to produce unique writing that will capture and hold your reader’s attention. Write your articles as if they were letters to a friend. This engages your readers and it encourages them to come back.

TIP! Figure out the rules of the article directory you are working with. Article directories have different rules.

Article submission is closely related to search engine optimization and other Internet marketing techniques. To increase your article’s rankings, it’s important you know about SEO techniques. It’s not enough to just publish, publish, publish. You need a direct approach with a goal in mind.

If you are article syndication, make sure your content is original and interesting to people. Boring articles that sound too mundane are uninteresting and will result in lost attention.

Do you best to keep your writing on one page when writing for article marketing uses. This can be tempting, because of the extra ad revenue and search engine optimizing you can get from another page. Any potential benefits will be cancelled out by inciting the ire of your readers. At the very least, include a prominent link in your article that lets readers see the whole thing on one page.

Make your content actually match the topic you are covering. Anyone looking for information about article marketing who finds a sales page instead will not return. This will be noticed by search engines, and therefore, is something you should try to prevent.

TIP! If you notice that a public figure is using the product that you market, see if you can get permission to use this information publicly. An unpaid endorsement of a product by a celebrity can create incredible demand for it and any similar items.

Article submission is a useful tactic for business promotions. It’s an affordable and simple way to create articles that aren’t costly. By keeping these tips in mind, you are able to make article advertising work for you and your business.

How To Effectively Market And Promote Your Articles

Knowing how to address and attract customers is important for increasing your sales. Stop worrying about not having a marketing degree. Read these tips and get started learning what you need to know.

Research which ads would fit in best with your content. Don’t hesitate to make a few adjustments here and there. Try customizing things like the font, color and layout. It may take some time to determine which is most effective, but the results make it all worthwhile.

Use controversy to write intriguing articles. Debate on hot topics or about current celebrities. This can produce increased publicity and additional backlinks. When you properly edit your content quality, you can revive your blog and increase your standing as an expert in any subject.

Article marketing will bring customers to your site and help you make profits. Writing quality pieces of work takes talent. Even though you may have perfect grammar and punctuation, that is not enough. You might even understand what alliteration is. You have to know how to manipulate words. Writing is partially knowledge of English language, and part creativity as well.

TIP! Post new articles to your website regularly. There are search-engine robots that make the decisions on how often they need to re-index your site.

Blogging is a great way to gain attention for yourself and your business. There is no cost to blogging on most websites, and it can be used to get feedback from your visitors. It is simple to start a blog that will be able to attract more customers and visitors to your website and business.

This tip is a good target length for your paragraphs. Some people say, with justification, that it is harder to concentrate on reading material on a computer screen than it is on the printed page. Be as clear as possible, by using as few words as possible.

Don’t overdo it on the keywords. Not only will repeating the same keyword over five times during the same article turn off readers, search engines will see through your schemes as well. Using your keyword a few times and in the right places keeps the article flowing nicely.

After you have created content for a while, your articles will be throughout the internet. You can compile your best works in one eBook to either give away or sell. If your eBook is good, it will get shared generously, and that will mean more business for you!

TIP! Although word counts are important, don’t bother yourself with them as you write. The author should use his or her judgment about the length of the article when it is being drafted.

Article Syndication

Be skeptical of the claims some writers make. If they claim to have an exclusive method for success in article syndication, they need to prove it. If you study business, you will learn the most important parts about article promotion. Article syndication has been around for many years, and is close to universal in techniques used.

Old articles will continue to bring traffic to your site for a long time, since they remain on the Internet unless they are specifically deleted. You also have the option to use an article as a means of promoting other articles; this will gradually expand your loyal audience.

Do not copy anyone else. If you are different, you will be better at marketing. Search engines are totally hardcore about duplicate content, so ripping off others’ content won’t do you any good long term.

TIP! There are no secrets in the world of article marketing. Learning the functioning concepts of business is synonymous with understanding the applicable ideals of article marketing.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you should know what direction to follow. Experiment to figure out what methods help you reach the most people.

Business Q&A: How important are accounting/finance skills for marketing managers?


marketing question by : How important are accounting/finance skills for marketing managers?
I am currently studying a Marketing major at university. I’ve been reading and hearing lately that skills in accounting and finance are crucial for senior positions in marketing, for things such as customer profitability. How important are such skills for a job in marketing, and is it possible to get by with minimal/basic knowledge of finance etc? Willing to hear from people currently in the marketing profession please.

marketing best answer:

Answer by Irfan Halimi
Accounting is a very important subject. I believe that it is possible to get by with basic accounting knowledge for a certain period of time, but the lack of accounting knowledge will eventually catch up to you.

And I am not surprised by what you read. Accounting is very crucial for any business related position.

Continue reading Business Q&A: How important are accounting/finance skills for marketing managers?