Business Q&A: How does someone go about marketing a product they have created or thought up?

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Product Marketing question by dat_boy_lalo: How does someone go about marketing a product they have created or thought up?
How would someone in the state of texas go about marketing a product they recently thought up… I’m looking to either sell the idea, or market it myself and make cash off of it. Would I have to get a liscense for that? Please help!

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Answer by flingebunt
The real problem for people with ideas is that they are not really sales people.

There are 2 ways. 1. Cooperate with an entrepenuer to do the selling. Generally I have found this unsucessful, as they often talk big and do nothing. Then ask you to do the marketing and sales. But when I have worked with the right person the level of success if very high.

2. Sell it yourself. The problem is that if you are selling your idea, you are not spending time developing it. But it can be the best way if you have the right motivation.

The actual marketing process is pretty complicated, so it depends on the product and the market.

For example, if you invented a better car headlight, you could sell it direclty, but I would go to car manufacturers and sell the idea to them.

But if you have a product that is easy to manafucter and distribute then you can make a lot more money doing it yourself. But to do that you need money. You can get a bank loan, take out a second mortage on your home, or go to a venture capital company. Or more likely you will find some investors or business partners.

Productive Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing is a fairly new concept but there are still a lot of marketers who aren’t familiar with it. You only need to use these quick tips to get started. To make money on the Internet you must learn fast and take massive action.

The title of the video is one of the important aspects of the video. When people are searching for videos online,they will try to use specific keywords. For instance,if someone is looking for makeup application videos, they will use keywords like makeup tips or makeup application tips. Your aim is not only to get ranked for your keywords, but to also be able to be spotted by your target audience. You can do this by adding your relevant keywords into your title, but make sure you don’t over stuff them. The title should focus on the subject of the video and make sense.

Work on making the title of the video attention grabbing, so it stands out from the other videos. You want to have an attention grabbing title that matches your video. If you have ever done any copywriting, you have learned about the importance of a good title. It isn’t much different in the video world. When creating videos, you are trying to state the purpose of the video clearly. The title of the video is the best place to do this. You will want to keep your title short and strong, while clearly letting people know what it is about.

It can take a bit to fully grasp the concept, but the end results are effective.

You may have the option of using a small capture from your video to post up to show viewers a preview.

People usually neglect the importance of using a thumbnail. Using a thumbnail provides the opportunity to catch viewers interest right away and entice them into watching your video. So try and take advantage of this small feature and make it work for you. A thumbnail should be specific and appealing to your target audience. It should provide the purpose of the video and catch the viewers attention so they will watch it. You should always be looking for new ways to make money online.

The one thing that video marketing does better than other forms of marketing is to allow people to help improve on your work by letting them share their ideas with you. Once people see how popular your video is with all the comments and votes they will want to see what it is all about.

Video marketing is an ideal way to bring in a specific group to your site at no cost to you, or them.

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