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self help question by * †?Sasha†: Self-Help?
I have got into trouble and i have to write a 3 page essay on how to improve my mind, my spirt, my behavior, and my self- awareness.
Any idea on how i can improve?

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Answer by LoRene
Start with the things that got you in trouble in the first place. Write some goals and a plan for how you are going to reach them.

Oprah shares a great example of how she used the secret law of attraction in her life and how it has changed her life. Oprah Winfrey is very successful. Oprah started her own business many years ago. Oprah can help you realize that in order to change your life, you should “Give Big”. Give Big to yourself, [give big] to your family and most of all [give big] back to society. With the secret tool of visualization, you can start changing the way you think today. You need to have powerful intentions to get what you want. Wealth, riches, and abundance in every area of life is available to everyone. It’s up to you to receive abundance. This is an inspirational video to those who are ready to take on a new challenge to be successful with money. The Secret could be the key that can make your business/life explode and take off! So what is the Secret about? The Secret is all about the law of attraction. What is the Law of Attraction? Well… The law of attraction is always working. You can never escape it. As we understand the secret we can create what we want in our life. You are a soul and a spirit. You have the ability to dictate the vibration that your mind and body are in. This entire universe is operated by law. NOTHING happens by accident. Everything is always changing. We choose our thoughts and we create our ideas. Who from History knew about The Secret? Plato (429 — 347 BCE) Sir Isaac Newton (1643 — 1727) Abraham Lincoln (1809 — 1865) Victor-Marie Hugo (1802 — 1885

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  1. say u regret, u have thot about it, u will improve by thinking before u act, cleaning ur ora etc. hope this helped!

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