Business Q&A: Where is a website that I find judgmental people that very critical and are good for self-improvement?

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self improvement question by snake_plissken8: Where is a website that I find judgmental people that very critical and are good for self-improvement?
I am looking for a website full of judgmental people that tear you apart and criticize you. The purpose of doing is that I need people like this so I can start a massive self-improvement project and needs lot of people to be critical of my lifestyle and how I do things. Through these people criticism and name-calling, I will find the tips that I need to improve my life and grow as human beings. This is very similar to confrontational thearpy in psychology.

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Answer by Lily
haha i do the same thing to improve myself! i like to criticize ppl if u want email me or add me on ym n i shall give u motivation ūüėČ

Self Improvement and Motivation

Everyone should be interested in self improvement and motivation, but most people are satisfied with the “status quo”.¬†Even people that say they are unhappy with their lives continue to repeat the same behavior patterns over and over again, throughout their lives.¬†

All good self improvement ideas begin with one thing. That is change.  

You might need to change the things that you do or the way that you think. You might need to change both. Perhaps it is the power of positive thinking that will bring about self improvement and motivation in your life. Perhaps, you can take advantage of the law of attraction.  

Some of the most effective self improvement ideas have to do with the law of attraction. Our thoughts are like magnets that can attract good or bad things to our lives, depending on whether our thoughts are positive or negative.

People have experienced life changing events, simply by changing the way that they think. If you go through the day with a frown on your face, thinking that nothing good will happen today, then you will be right.

  By the same token, if you go through the day with a smile, expecting something good to happen, then you will be right. Give it a try.  

The biggest obstacle that people must deal with when they are experimenting with self improvement ideas is impatience.¬†They try thinking positively or visualizing for a few days, but when things don’t change in a big way, in a short period of time, they give up.¬† ¬†

Sometimes, you have to look for the little things that are good about your life and be grateful for those. At the beginning of every day, take a few moments to count your blessings. Being grateful for what you already have is a big part of self improvement and motivation.  

As you begin to put some positive self improvement ideas into action, be aware of each kindness that someone bestows upon you.¬†And, be sure to always react with kindness.¬† Be ready for opportunity to knock, but remember to look carefully at the opportunity, to be sure that it fits with your long-term goals.¬†It can be easy to get side-tracked, unless you are careful to always think about your long-term goals. ¬† The “Secret”, by Bob Proctor, is a good plan for self improvement and motivation. ¬†It includes many of the things mentioned here, as well as other secrets for being happier and more successful at everything you attempt to do.

Day by day, build your home
Don’t forget to be positive
Don’t forget to be happy

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  1. Your motivation sounds great — to improve yourself in many ways.
    The method of criticism, the way you describe it, is very much like punishment, which is not effective in improving your behavior long term. If you are interested in know more, feel free to email me at and I will help you move in a better direction.

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